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Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance

personal umbrella policy, excess liability policy, umbrella insurancePersonal umbrella insurance is commonly overlooked, but it could be the best defense you'll have during a catastrophic event.  If someone is injured on your property, or if you are involved in a major car accident, you could be sued for damages that exceed the limit of liability provided under your home and auto insurance policies.  Without an umbrella policy in place to cover the excess, you could lose your assets including your home, car and other belongings, and you could even be faced with garnished wages to pay for the damage.

An umbrella liability policy from Front Range Insurance Group provides that added layer of protection when your home and auto policies aren't enough.  It also offers some additional securities not typically included in your underlying insurance policies.

When damages exceed the limits of your home or auto policy, your personal umbrella insurance can be applied in events such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Accidental injuries on your property
  • Accidents involving your boat, ATV, or other recreational vehicle
  • Golf course injuries
  • Defense fees and other legal costs
  • Personal injury coverage for claims of libel, slander, and more

Talk with our specialists today to learn how an umbrella policy can protect you and your family.

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