Consumer Advocacy

claims assistance, consumer advocateThe consumer advocate at Front Range Insurance Group serves as a key customer service partner with the primary goal of guiding our clients and their employees through the healthcare processes and insurance carrier tools and resources.  The central responsibilities of our consumer advocate includes:

  • Investigating and resolving insurance claim issues.
  • Assisting in negotiations of billing and payment arrangements.
  • Creating and maintaining claims tracking reports.
  • Assisting members with finding contracted providers.
  • Educating members on the preauthorization process to minimize post-procedure claim issues.
  • Guiding members through the complex healthcare system.

Our consumer advocate gets to know your benefit plan in detail so that they can work directly with employees to educate and assist them.  We strive to maintain strong relationships with key contacts among the health insurance community and stay up to date on regulations that impact health insurance, so that we're always ready for any situation when our clients need us.

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Given the ever-increasing complexity of insurance matters, the staff at FRIG has been our employees' advocate in resolving a variety of issues. Customer service sets FRIG apart as they follow issues through to their conclusion.

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